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Name:Naseer Abd al-Rahman

Naseer Abd al-Rahman

Brother of King Khalid III of Jawahir, a vast kingdom of warmth and opulence in the south. Aside from His Blessed Grace the King, Prince Naseer might be the most opulent of them all. He enjoys the many riches and pleasures of life in abundance, and certainly knows how to get what he wants.
soft ∙ curious ∙ perpetually amused
original setting

Socialite and playboy from an old Iraqi oil family, freely helping himself to cocktails and company wherever he goes. He flits between big cities all over the globe, never settling, never opting for challenges when comforts are available. Prefers NYC and Hong Kong these days.
flirty ∙ generous ∙ never not pinstripes
modern setting

Mun & muse are over 25 / Muse is an original character / I am not Naveen Andrews / I own nothing

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